EARNFREEBTC Rewards Program

Earn extra weekly rewards with EARNFREEBTC tokens!

How it works:

  1. Use the form below to register your bitcoin address with the rewards program.
  2. Use your address on earnfreebitcoins.com as normal, collecting faucet payments and referral revenue.
  3. Each time you receive a BTC payout, you will also receive
    an additional 5 EARNFREEBTC tokens
  4. Every time a sponsored website visit has been completed by any earnfreebitcoins.com user, 50 Satoshis are added to a bonus rewards pool.
  5. Once a week (Saturday), all funds in the bonus rewards pool are paid out to EARNFREEBTC holders in the form of BITCOINEX tokens, which are exchangeable 1:1 with real bitcoin.

Note: Please use a Counterparty compatible wallet for receiving your EARNFREEBTC tokens. We recommend Tokenly Pockets, IndieSquare Wallet or CounterWallet.

Register for Token Rewards

Additional Info

Only a limited amount of EARNFREEBTC will be given out. The token is permanently locked in at 100,000 units.

In addition to the weekly rewards, holding EARNFREEBTC also gives you exclusive access to the Earning Bitcoins message board on TokenTalk.org. In this forum you can exchange links and ideas with other like minded folk. Sign up today!

Token Details:

  • Network: Bitcoin+Counterparty
  • Global Supply: 100,000
  • Available to Distribute: 0
  • # Holders: 0
  • Bonus Reward Pool Balance: 0.054185 BITCOINEX


BITCOINEX is what is known as a "proxy token". It acts as a proxy for real Bitcoin, allowing for dividend payments as low as 1 satoshi to be received, as well as able to use with other features such as the Counterparty DEX (Decentralized Asset Exchange) and smart contracts. It is fully exchangeable at a 1:1 rate with Bitcoin by simply sending funds to the appropriate vending machine address. More info.

To convert your BITCOINEX to BTC, send to the following address: